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Jack Layton Leadership School

Do you wish to contribute to social justice? Let us help you express and act on it.

The Jack Layton Leadership School aims to build the leadership capacity of students to affect social change. Over two days we will work with community members and faculty to engage in social justice issues through telling our stories, engaging in creative arts workshops, panel discussions, lectures, and community tours. Join us to network with leaders to work on a shared vision of justice based on anti-racist, feminist, Indigenous, queer, anti-poverty and reflective approaches. No prior experience is necessary, only a commitment to social change.

  • Learn multiple perspectives and approaches to community engagement from nationally renowned community leaders.
  • Build relationships as the foundation of collective action
  • Learn analytic skills to interpret power, relationships, and knowledge to support those most in need
  • Tell your story based on your own social interests and passions
  • Witness social justice work in action
  • Develop skills in critical self-reflection in the context of intersecting identities.

Students will receive a certificate of participation.

Read about the Winter 2021 School.


"This training has helped me think about campaigns in a whole new way, and to think that anything might be possible when we are well organized"

"Training to organize is giving us the tools we need to create a Canada we DO recognize"

"We already organize to build our communities, we've been doing it for years. It's time we started being smarter about it so we start dictating the agenda instead of responding to it"

“Understanding the fundamentals of organizing has and will be key in facilitating the change needed for a more progressive city”

Jack Layton Leadership School. Social Justice and Community Engagement. February 20: Evening, February 21-22: Full-Day. Build social justice leadership capacity through telling our stories, creative arts, workshops, guided discussions, and community tours. Students will receive a certificate of completion. Lunch and snacks will be provided. Register by Monday, February 11, 2019. Speakers: Ken Moffatt, Olivia Chow, Mike Layton, Kiké Roach, Jake Pyne, Tara Farahani, Cathy Crowe, Waubkuniikwe, and more. The school is wheelchair accessible. If you require other accessibility accommodations to ensure your inclusion in this event, please contact Alannah Fricker at

Past Social Justice Walks:

  • Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP)
  • Downtown Toronto East with Gaetan Heroux
  • Queer Toronto Space
  • Indigenous Walk
  • Workers' Action Centre
  • City Hall

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