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The Jack Layton Chair seeks to advance Jack’s legacy of humanitarian leadership by promoting progressive social change and strengthening political capacity at Ryerson University. The Chair aims to help students explore their sense of engagement in justice issues and is a collaborative partnership between the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Community Services.

We are committed to anti-racism

The Jack Layton Chair condemns the racist, colonial and neoliberal brutality wrought on Black, Chinese/Asian and Indigenous peoples. We call for an end to institutionalized and interpersonal violence against Black, Chinese/Asian and Indigenous peoples within the educational system and other governing institutions. It is past time to break down and reconstruct social, institutional, and systemic barriers that prevent Black, Chinese/Asian and Indigenous peoples from thriving. We are committed to the fight against anti-Black, anti-Chinese/Asian and anti-Indigenous racism and will work in solidarity until liberation.



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What Club?

A conversational zine by past Jack Layton collaborators Ben McCarthy, Sofie Mikhaylova (Sonja), and Saira Sabri

Layton Shorts: Hayden King & Theola Ross

The Akua Benjamin Legacy Project - Trailer

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