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Medicine Wheel Framework

West | Emotional

  • Acknowledge your feelings, practice honest communication.
  • Forgive yourself and others.
  • Write out a vision of your life and your values.
  • Understand that it is okay to have 'low' days.
  • Get to know yourself.
  • Feel and validate your emotions (happy, sad, anger).
  • Reach out for help.

North | Spiritual 

  • Smudge (sage, cedar, sweetgrass, tobacco).
  • Take time to pray in whatever way works for you.
  • Engage in traditional ceremonies.
  • Spend time in nature to connect with the Creator.
  • Learn about your identity, culture or language.
  • Participate in community talking circles.
  • Practice gratitude.

South | Mental

  • Spend time with family and/or friends.
  • Keep a personal journal (daily or weekly, long or short).
  • Read self-care books to understand yourself.
  • Seek advice from an Elder or counsellor.
  • Set goals (long or short term).
  • Get involved with your community.

East | Physical

  • Take care of your body (personal care).
  • Exercise: Dance, workout, run, walk, play sports etc. (20 mins, three times a week at least)
  • Sleep well (7 to 9 hours) and take breaks/rest when needed.
  • Eat healthy and drink water/stay hydrated.
  • Limit caffeine and/or alcohol/drugs.
  • Maintain safe sexual practices and boundaries.