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Indigenous Student Wellness Day

A four way direction sign that represents the medicine wheel framework

On November 30, Gdoo-maawnjidimi Mompii Indigenous Student Services hosted its fourth annual Indigenous Student Wellness Day. All Indigenous students, faculty or staff (or those who identify by nation or community) from any post-secondary institution across Turtle Island were welcome to attend.

2024 theme: Balancing Your Four Directions

The theme was Balancing Your Four Directions, focused on the pursuit of wellness by engaging in activities that promote self-care in the spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual dimensions. This theme emphasized the importance of finding equilibrium and well-being in the face of ongoing challenges in today's contemporary world.

Indigenous community members gathered to exchange meaningful pathways to wellness through meditation, yoga, mental health and wellness strategies and food sovereignty. The workshops were hosted by knowledge keepers and community members, aimed at providing support for the wellness goals of Indigenous students at TMU.

Past events

Day 1: Wednesday, March 23

Day 2: Thursday, March 24