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Pension Plan Summary

Retirees who contributed to the TMU Pension Plan (TMUPP) during their employment will receive pension payments on the first business day of every month.

Retirees will receive information slips (pay stubs) each December to provide advanced year-end information. These slips can be used to prepare the annual income tax return. T-4A slips are also issued by RBC who oversees the pension payment to retirees.

Effective each January 1, pensions are indexed for inflation as per the plan’s cost-of-living increase provision. Information slips (pay stubs) are issued whenever the net pension amount payable changes for any reason.

For detailed information on how the TMUPP works, review the TMU Pension Plan Summary (external link) .


For more information, please submit a request to HR.

TMU reserves the right as sponsor of the TMU Pension Plan to amend the plan from time to time either in accordance with applicable legislation, or when deemed warranted by the University.