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Your Indigenous Human Resources Lead

Tracey King.

We are a strong and resilient people with unique and diverse identities and backgrounds. We have a multitude of transferrable skills, formal and informal education, work and lived experiences that can positively transform every workplace.

Tracey King

The Indigenous Human Resources Lead, Tracey King (external link) , is available to candidates thinking of applying, faculty and staff who are looking for support settling in, or leaders who are looking to hire Indigenous faculty and staff.

Tracey’s background

Tracey King, Miigis Kwe (Little Shell Woman) is Pottawatomi, Shawnee and Ojibway, Otter Clan and a citizen of Wasauksing First Nation.

For 30 years, Tracey has worked in Toronto universities and Aboriginal organizations, while completing her three university degrees and other studies ranging from life skills coaching, career and work counselling to human resources management. 

A community member at the university and beyond

While her role is housed within Human Resources, it requires collaboration with the Office of Aboriginal Initiatives, TMU Aboriginal Student Services, and the Aboriginal Education Council. Additionally, she is a member of the management team in the Office of Vice-President Equity and Community Inclusion as she also reports into the Office of Aboriginal Initiatives.

A commitment to Indigenous perspective and inclusion

Tracey's lived experience as an Anishinaabe Kwe has informed her perspective as a single parent, first-generation student and first-generation professional. She brings this Indigenous worldview to all that she does. In collaboration with partners within the university and in the broader community, Tracey works to create a more welcoming and Indigenous inclusive workplace and to increase the awareness of issues affecting Indigenous people.

The foundation of Tracey’s work at the university is rooted in Medicine Wheel and traditional teachings. This enables her to work to decolonize HR practices, including the recruitment and retention processes, and to implement strategies and programs to address the 94 Calls to Action, including numbers 7 and 92, which are related to employment and education outlined in the Truth and Reconciliation report, as well as those outlined in the university’s TRC consultation report.

Articles published by Tracey

Contact Tracey

Tracey can be reached at 416-979-5000, ext. 554705 or