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About HR

Aerial view of TMU campus along Gould Street looking west.

Who we are

We are a team of human resources experts and innovators who contribute to the achievement of Toronto Metropolitan University’s strategic priorities. We create a workplace culture that puts people first.

A view of the TMU clocktower from Gould Street.

What we do

We partner with each other and the TMU community to create and deliver outstanding practical and strategic human resources solutions, programs and services.

A group of smiling TMU employees.

People First

People First at TMU means building a workplace culture where:

  • People are engaged in their work, the university and the community.
  • People feel valued and respected, and treat one another with trust and dignity.
  • Talented, creative and motivated people want to build and develop their careers.
  • Each person’s potential for growth is supported through a culture of learning.
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion are part of our DNA and embedded in all decision-making.
  • People’s contributions and accomplishments are recognized and celebrated.
  • Health and well-being are priorities; we build institutional and individual capacity and resilience.
People walking along Lake Devo on a sunny day with their reflections.

What we value

Client focus: We are responsive to serve client and institutional needs, providing high quality services and programs that are timely and effective.

Communication: We listen to what people tell us. We are transparent. We clearly tell people what we are doing and why. We ensure information is easily accessible to the TMU community.

Collaboration: We can achieve more working together than as individuals. We seek opportunities to partner.

Integrity: We are honest and ethical in our work and in our relationships with others. We do what we say we will do and take responsibility for our actions.

Equity, diversity and inclusion: We practice, champion and advance equity, diversity and inclusion.

Respect: We treat each other fairly and respectfully. We value each other’s contributions.

Innovation: We approach our work with an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. We challenge assumptions and are open to new ideas and opportunities. We consistently explore creative solutions to benefit our clients and the university.

Learning and growth: We are committed to advancing our own development and to promoting organizational learning.