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Paul S. Moore

Paul Moore

Media & Culture
DepartmentSociology (Toronto Metropolitan University)
Areas of ExpertiseAdvertising, Cinema, Cultural studies, Media history, Visual culture

Prof. Moore studies the history of the mass market and urban modernity in North America. Overall, his work argues that amusement and leisure help constitute modern publics by providing spaces, rhetorics, and logics for collective gathering. Projects include the history of film and media distribution; Hollywood’s relation to Madison Ave. in print, radio & tv campaigns; the development of the Sunday newspaper in the 1890s as a foundation for mass media networks.

Sample of supervised ComCult projects:

2021 - Aaron Demeter; Project-Paper: Games as Pedagogy: A Post-mortem of Recall of Duty: Modern Empire

2020 - Rebecca Hume (co-supervision); Thesis: Ambiguity and Irreconcilability: A Critical Look at Reconciliation Discourse in Federal Land Claims and Self-Government Political Communications

2017 - Joey Jakob; Dissertation: Abu Ghraib and the commemorative violence of war trophy photography

2017 - Alevtina Naumova; Dissertation: Sense of the past: historic house museums in Toronto, Canada, as forms of an urban heterotopia

2016 - Ayman Saab; Major Research Paper: Clinical Trials and Celebrity Smiles: An exploration into the history and practice of selling wellness in the pharmaceutical industry

2016 - Amanda Wong; Major Research Paper: Ludic Arcade: An Observational Pop-Up Arcade Research Project

2016 - Andreas Koustas; Major Research Paper: Disneyland in the Living Room: Disney Infinity and the Commodification of Mixed Reality

2015 - Nur Shazlin Abdul Rahman; Thesis: Hijabi vloggers: Muslim women’s self expression and identity articulation on YouTube

2013 - Michelle M. Coyne; Dissertation: This Project can be Upcycled where Facilities are Available: an Adventure Through Toronto's Food/Waste Scape

2012 - Jessica L. Whitehead; Major Research Paper: The Historical Process of Fandom as a Participatory Pastime: Film Discourse in Newspapers from 1911 to 1918

2012 - Luke Simcoe; Major Research Paper: The Internet is Serious Business: 4Chan's /B/ Board and the Lulz as Alternative Political Discourse on the Internet

2011 - Juan Miguel De Villa; Major Research Paper: Ethnographic Journalism and the American Urban Crisis

2011 - Kimon Kaketsis; Project-Paper: Embodied Nostalgia

2011 - Meghan Lengyell; Thesis: Images on the Street: Fashion, Personal Style, and The Sartorialist

2009 - Kendra Stanyon; Major Research Paper: 'Victims' Of The Status Quo: Canada's Ongoing Marginalization Of Sex Workers

2009 - Alicia Vande Weghe; Thesis: Making my bed: Tracey Emin's hysterical confessions of the abject