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Our program was created in recognition of the complementary strengths of the two universities. By working together, we can position the program at the forefront of theoretical and applied interdisciplinary scholarship and professional practice. Talented, creative and motivated people are at the heart of this program.

Program Directors

Program Administration

Claresta Adityani
Graduate Program Administrator (York)
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies

Sarah Edmonds
Graduate Program Administrator (Toronto Metropolitain University)
Yeates School of Graduate Studies


Graduate Students

The Communication & Culture Graduate Students' Association (ComCultGSA), represents all students registered in the Joint Graduate Program in Communication & Culture at York and Ryerson Universities. We exist to represent ComCult students to program faculty and administration, provide a forum to discuss issues and interests, create a meeting place for students to get know each other, and to foster participation in seminars and other activities. We also elect an executive committee and representatives to represent ComCult students on other University and Student Association organizations and committees. We encourage you to get involved with us by coming to our monthly General Meetings, which are open to all students presently registered in the program.

Visit the ComCult GSA website, external link.


Developing productive relationships with your research supervisor and supervisory committee is one of the most important and rewarding aspects of being a graduate student. What follows is the current list of faculty, from both universities, who are formally affiliated with the ComCult program.

Professors Emeriti

The following is a list of professors emeriti, the founding faculty of the graduate program in Communication and Culture. The title of Professor Emeritus is a mark of distinguished service to the university, awarded to only a few on retirement. Normally, professors emeriti do not take on new graduate students for supervision, but may be available to serve on committees, or provide informal mentorship to students and faculty.

Professors Emeritus
Stream School Department Research Interests
Janzen Kooistra, Lorraine
Media & Culture Ryerson English Archives and collections, Cultural studies, Digital humanities, Gender studies, Visual culture
Drache, Daniel Politics & Policy York Political Science the political economy of integration and social exclusion; borders and identity; North American integration; global cultural commons and microactivism; public goods theory and the theory of the public good; the thought and influence of Harold Innis, Jürgen Habermas and Hannah Arendt
Trott, Elizabeth (Betty) Media & Culture Ryerson Philosophy Canadian philosophy; philosophy of education; philosophy of art and design; multiculturalism; metaphysics; culture
Schryer, Catherine Media  & Culture
Ryerson Professional Communication
advanced literacies in the professions, genre theory, healthcare communication, qualitative data analysis, discourse analysis.
Podnieks, Elizabeth Media & Culture
Ryerson English Modernism; motherhood studies; life writing; women’s literatures; popular culture
Mooers, Colin Politics & Policy Ryerson Politics and Public Administration the political economy of capitalism, political theory, social movements, theories of citizenship, and the public sphere.
Elder, R. Bruce Technology in Practice Ryerson School of Image Arts Cinema, Documentary, Embodiment, Media history, Philosophy of technology. Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre.
Barndt, Deborah Media & Culture, Technology in Practice York Environmental Studies popular education and social movements; media analysis; photographic methods for participatory research/education/action; cultural production; community development; women, globalization, and food
Blum, Alan F Media & Culture York Sociology medical humanities; culture of the city; sociology of knowledge; theorizing everyday life; the imaginary, symbolic and real registers of social life and phenomena
Feldman, Seth Technology in Practice York Cinema & Media Arts Canadian cinema, history and theory; documentary cinema and media; television studies; rhetoric of radio
Forsyth, James Scott Media & Culture York Politics film and media politics; film history; Marxist cultural and aesthetic theory; film in the third world; cultural politics and Canadian communists; Hollywood and imperialism
Fletcher, Frederick Politics & Policy York Politics political communication; social advocacy; communication and public policy; communication policy
Gillies, Donald J. Media & Culture, Politics & Policy Ryerson Image Arts The Toronto School of Communication; Marshall McLuhan; history of media and communications; history of telecommunications; the communications industry; communications policy; international communications and development; media ecology; media ecology in Gaelic culture
Mason, Jean Media & Culture, Technology in Practice Ryerson Professional Communication writing; narrative; illness narrative; pathography; culture of illness; autoethnography; health communication; science communication; hypertext; digital media; organizational communication
Rowland, Wade Politics & Policy, Technology in Practice York Communication Studies communication; ethics; critical realism; technology
Tenhaaf, Petronella (Nell) Technology in Practice York Visual Art & Art History critiques of genetic engineering and biotechnology; artificial life; Max/MSP programming
Schifellite, Carmen Politics & Policy Ryerson Sociology science and technology studies; popular culture; sociology of knowledge; graduate methodologies
Zemans, Joyce Politics & Policy York Visual Art & Art History
nineteenth and twentieth century Canadian art with a special focus on the art of women; cultural policy (Canadian and comparative); arts administration


Since our program launched nearly 20 years ago, our alumni have found success throughout Canada and around the world across many sectors, including: arts and culture, academia, policy advocacy, public service, journalism, marketing, advertising, consulting, arts administration, communications, media, broadcasting, video game production, publishing, photography, project management, social media, information technology, freelance writing, e-learning, editing, public relations, non-profit, community and social services, legal, education, film, and design. 

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Alumni Profiles