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Faculty participating in the program are drawn from several departments within each of the faculties across the university.

The faculty participating in the program have varied research expertise across their broad fields and several faculty members have expertise in more than one field. Please check individual faculty member's departmental bio pages by clicking on their name to find more details.  

Department of Economics

Brennan Thompson, Associate Professor

Department of Geography

Claus Rinner (opens in new window) , Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering

Thomas A.Duever, Professor and Dean

Department of Civil Engineering

Bilal Farooq, Associate Professor

Songnian Li, Professor

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ebrahim Bagheri (opens in new window) , Professor

April Khademi (opens in new window) , Associate Professor

Naimul Khan (opens in new window) , Associate Professor

Sri Krishnan (opens in new window) , Professor

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Aliaa Alnaggar, Assistant Professor

Ay┼če Bener, Professor and Program Director

Mucahit Cevik, Associate Professor

Alan Fung, Associate Professor

Saman Hassanzadeh Amin, Associate Professor

Mohamed Jaber, Professor

Wahab Mohamed Ismail, Professor

Cory Searcy, Professor

Farokh Sharifi, Professor

Sharareh Taghipour, Associate Professor


Department of Chemistry and Biology

Lesley Campbell, Professor

Department of Computer Science

Alex Ferworn, Professor

Andriy Miranskyy, Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics

Konstantinos Georgiou (opens in new window) , Associate Professor

Pawel Pralat, Professor

Alexey Rubtsov, Associate Professor

Business Management

Andre Laplume, Professor

Global Management Studies

Shengkun Xie, Assistant Professor

Information Technology Management

Youcef Derbal, Associate Professor

Amira Ghenai, Assistant Professor

Anatoliy Gruzd, Professor

Atefeh Mashatan, Associate Professor

Zeinab Noorian, Assistant Professor

Farid Shirazi, Professor

Ozgur Turetken, Professor

Ravi Vatrapu, Professor

Morteza Zihayat, Associate Professor

School of Retail Management/Department of Real Estate Management

Tony Hernandez, Professor