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About the Program

This unique Master of Science (MSc) degree program enables students to develop interdisciplinary skills, and gain a deep understanding of technical and applied knowledge in data science and analytics. Graduates are highly trained, qualified data scientists who can go on to pursue careers in industry, government or research.

The program is offered as a one year full-time or two year part-time MRP option and two year full-time Thesis option. You can opt to take the program fully virtually or as a combination of virtual and in-person courses.

The MSc in Data Science and Analytics is delivered in both lecture-based and hands-on lab learning environments where students can develop and apply their skills to complex, real-world datasets and data science and analytics problems.

Message from the Program Director

Welcome to the MSc program in Data Science and Analytics

It is a great pleasure for me to serve as the director of master’s program in Data Science and Analytics. I invite you to join us and discover the fascinating world of data science and analytics in the heart of downtown Toronto by interacting with leading academics and professionals.

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that combines expertise from several domains. Data scientist is the unicorn that needs to possess diverse skills such as statistics, math, machine learning, operations research, data visualization, communication and domain expertise. Our program is unique in its interdisciplinary design where you will learn how data science and analytics can help improve decisions throughout an organization’s value chain, understand how recommendations lead to tangible actions through prescriptive analytics techniques, gain a good understanding of methods used in building such data-driven models, and acquire hands-on experience with analytics tools that are widely used in practice. The program engages industry partners to access extensive data in health care, software engineering, social media, services and finance.

Faculty members involved in the program possess the diverse skill sets needed for this emerging discipline. The program provides advanced training in data science and analytics principles and methodologies, and highlights their applications in solving problems in various industry, government and research domains. Technical skills such as mathematics, statistics, operations research, and programming are core competencies that are in the greatest demand in the marketplace. The Master’s program is designed to provide these competencies.

Come study with us at Toronto Metropolitan University to be the highly demanded data scientist, aka “the unicorn."

Ayse Basar Bener, Program Director