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Google Chat Help Centre

Google Chat is a messaging app for teams to have one-to-one and group conversations. Google Chat allows you and your team to set up virtual spaces for your projects, hold impromptu video meetings in Google Meet, share and collaborate straight from your Google Drive.

  • Spaces with the ability to have threaded conversations
  • Custom notifications for spaces and messaging
  • Integration with Google Drive and Google Meet
  • Enhanced search capabilities

  Learn how to use Google Chat with Google Chat Guide

Popular Questions

Hangouts was updated to Google Chat at TMU in July 2020. All one-to-one messages were transferred to Google Chat. The classic Hangouts will still be available until late 2020, after which Google will retire the app.

Until Google retires the app permanently in late 2020, classic Hangouts will remain available through the web by going to (external link) . Within Gmail, the new Google Chat will appear in place of the classic Hangouts. There is no option to revert back to classic Hangouts in Gmail. Direct messages sent in classic Hangouts or Google Chat can be viewed and replied to in the other service. Group messages in classic Hangouts or Google Chat can’t be viewed or replied to in the other service. If you would like to continue group messages in the new Google Chat, you will have to recreate the group chats in spaces or group messages.

Group messages are private conversations. Once initiated, no new members can be added to the conversation. However, group conversations created after December 3rd, 2020, will allow you to add additional participants. Spaces are great for teams to collaborate, share up-to-date information and meet on the fly. For help in choosing whether you want to start a space or a group message, please visit the TMU Google Chat Guide.

You can access your chat history from classic Hangouts through (external link)  or by searching in Gmail by going to the Gmail search box and adding in:chat to your search. In the new Google Chat, your chat history will stay within Google Chat and can be searched (external link) .

While classic Hangouts allowed you to make phone and voice calls to other users directly in Gmail, you can now use Google Meet to make phone calls instead. In terms of voice calls and text messaging (SMS), this feature is now offered via Google Voice (Google Voice is not available at TMU). For faculty and staff, you can make phone calls using the Cisco Jabber client (opens in new window) , this will allow you to make and receive phone calls on your TMU extension using your computer or mobile device.

Chat previews are no longer available in Google Chat in Gmail. If you are using the mobile app you will be able to see direct and group message previews. Previews are still available in classic Hangouts on the web through (external link) .

Go to the settings menu by clicking the gear icon. In the settings side panel, go to “See all settings”. On the settings page, go to the “Chat and Meet” tab. In the Chat section, click “Chat off” and “Save Changes”. This will hide Google Chat from Gmail but you will still be able to use Google Chat by going to (external link) .

You can use Google Groups to invite current members of the group to a space. However, you will not be able to invite people using Google Groups into group chats.

New members of a Google Group will need to be added to the space after the group is initially invited.


Only faculty and staff are searchable in the directory. You will need to add the person as a contact before you can chat with them. For help, please see this section in the TMU Google Chat Guide.