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Promotion to a Rank of Professor / Professor Pay Scale

Promotion Dossier Submission Deadline in 2022

September 30, 2022

Promotion Process Timeline

  • The Dean will provide the FPC with application packages by October 1. Copies of the external assessments will be provided to the FPC as they become available. Any external assessments received after March 1 will not be considered. Furthermore, such late reference shall not be held against the applicant.
  • By March 1st, the external referees should provide their SRC evaluation of the applicant to the Dean.
  • The FPC shall meet by March 15 to decide if the candidate has met the criteria for promotion.
  • Promotion decisions are based solely on material submitted by and for the applicant.
  • The FPC makes its recommendation to the Dean in writing, including reasons for the recommendation. If the recommendation is not unanimous, the letter should state the vote (without names) and reasons for the disagreement.
  • The FPC’s recommendation and supporting rationale (including the external referees’ reports with names redacted and any in class assessments) will be provided to the applicant for comment.
  • If the applicant wishes to respond, he/she shall provide his/her comments in writing to the Dean within two weeks of receipt of the FPC’s recommendation.
  • The Dean will review the assessment and recommendation of the FPC, the faculty member’s response, if any, along with the Performance and Conduct File (PCF), for each faculty member who has applied for promotion or for “Salary Transfer”. 
  • After this review, the Dean will, not later than April 15 or two weeks following receipt of the applicant’s response or the lapsing of the interval in which the applicant can respond as per 5A/B.13.G.3 above, whichever is later, forward to the Vice-Provost, Faculty Affairs the promotion dossier, the summary of assessments and recommendation of the FPC, including any response by the applicant, in-class teaching assessments, and a copy of the evaluations by the external referees, along with his/her own recommendation. 
  • The Vice-Provost, Faculty Affairs will examine all recommendations and documentation to ensure that a reasonable and equitable standard for promotion is applied across the University, taking into account the differing patterns of activity which characterize each Faculty. The Vice-Provost, Faculty Affairs will inform the applicant and the FPC, in writing, of the decision and, if the decision is negative, of the reasons for the decision.

RFA Collective Agreement, Article 5A.13.F

The applicant shall provide to the Dean a promotion dossier, which contains a teaching, SRC and service dossier, as described in Article 5A.8 C, D and E respectively, except that teaching assessments (where available) and the Faculty Course Surveys (Appendix F) need only be provided for the last five years. The applicant shall include an additional three copies of SRC works he or she wishes to have sent to external reviewers. The applicant shall also provide the names of their nominee to the committee pursuant to Article 5A.3.F and the names of three external referees pursuant to Article 5A.13.E.1. The applicant may also include a list of people he or she does not want considered as referees. In addition the applicant should include an overview including, but not limited to, the following documents:

a) Table of Contents of the dossier;
b) Curriculum vitae, covering the member’s entire professional career, in an approved University format (OCGS format as per MOU 10);
c) The member’s annual reports for the last five years.

Recommended browser

Google Chrome (download here: (external link, opens in new window)  )

How to apply

Send a request to to obtain the “Promotion Dossier” folder.

How to access your Google Drive

  1. Log into my.torontomu portal
  2. Click the “Apps” tab
  3. Click “Google Drive”
  4. The shared documents and folders are located under the “Shared with me” link

Before you start uploading files (optional)

We recommend moving your Promotion Dossier folder to “My Drive” for easy access (simply drag the folder and drop it to “My Drive”).

We also recommend to “Download Google Drive”.  This will create a “Google Drive” folder on your computer.  You can simply drop your files into this folder, and it will sync the content with the shared drive.

Recommended file types

You can create and edit documents, presentations, spreadsheets and drawings on the Google Drive in the Google Docs format.  Such files do not use your storage space.

You can upload Word Doc, Excel spreadsheet or Power Point presentation and convert them into the Google Docs format (recommended for the files with simple formatting);

You can save your file as a PDF and upload it;

You can upload Word doc, Excel spreadsheet or Power Point presentation without converting them into Google Docs format;

You can scan your documents and upload them in a PDF format.

Tips for scanning documents

Where to scan:  you can contact Digital Media Projects office (opens in new window)  to get access to and help with the scanner

Recommended settings for scanning text:  200 x 200 dpi, grey scale

Recommended settings for scanning text with images:  300 x 300 dpi, full colour

If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro, we recommend save such scanned PDFs as an “Optimized PDF”.

How to submit

After uploading all your files, send an email to  The date and time on that email will become the official date and time of your Promotion Dossier submission.  As soon as we receive this email, we will change your permission rights from “Edit” to “View” and share your dossier with the appropriate individuals for review.

Who will be viewing your dossier

First: Dean, members of the Faculty Promotion Committee (FPC)

Second: External referees

Third: Vice-Provost, Faculty Affairs

What happens to your dossier after the review is done

Your dossier will remain on our drive.  It may be archived in the future.  Only VPFA and you will have access to it.  You will be able to download the files from our drive if needed.

Privacy and security

Read about privacy and security (opens in new window)  of Google Apps.

Help and tutorials

For help and tutorials, visit Google Drive Help website: (external link, opens in new window) 

Monday, September 30, 2024

Promotion Dossier Submission Deadline