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General Enquiries

General enquiries
Tel: 416-979-5101

16th floor, YDI (Yonge-Dundas I), 1 Dundas Street West

Mailing address
Toronto Metropolitan University
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5B 2K3

Meet the Office of the Vice-Provost, Faculty Affairs Staff

Patrizia Albanese
Patrizia Albanese

Vice-Provost, Faculty Affairs

Location: YDI-1661

Iris Clark in a black cardigan and blue and black checkered shirt

Iris Clark

Administrative Assistant

416-979-5000 ext: 556287
Location: YDI-1663

Silhouette of a woman headshot

Zenab Pathan

Director of Faculty Recruitment and Development

416-979-5000 ext: 544897
Location: YDI-1657

Ilona Demetriadis in a black blazer and striped shirt

Ilona Demetriadis

Senior Research Analyst,
Contact for Teaching Assignment Integration

416-979-5000 ext: 554556
Location: YDI-1664

A placeholder for Mirabelle's photo
Mirabelle Arodi

Coordinator, Administration & Technical Support

416-979-5000, ext: 543451
Location: YDI-1664

Academic Labour Relations and Client Groups

Brad Walters in a black blazer

Brad Walters

Executive Director, Faculty Affairs

416-979-5000, ext. 556286
Location: YDI-1660

Client Groups

  • Ted Rogers School of Management
Brittany Tuer in a brown blazer

Brittany Tuer

Director, Faculty Affairs

416-979-5000, ext. 543452
Location: Working remotely

Client Groups

  • The Creative School
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Science
  • The Chang School of Continuing Education
Davina Chan in a black blouse

Davina Chan

Director, Faculty Affairs

416-979-5000, ext. 544721
Location: YDI-1659

Client Groups

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Community Services
  • Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science
  • The Yeates School of Graduate Studies
Silhouette of a woman headshot

Crystal Tripple

Faculty Affairs Consultant

416-979-5000, ext. 545047
Location: Working remotely

Client Groups

  • School of Medicine
Silhouette of a woman headshot

Virginia Clark

Faculty Affairs Consultant

Location: YDI-1657

Client Groups

  • University Libraries
  • Counsellors