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Massey TMU Visiting Fellows Program

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Another faculty opportunity the University provides tenured faculty members is the Massey TMU Visiting Fellows Program at Massey College. Three TMU faculty members who are on a full-year sabbatical leave (September to August leaves only) will be selected as Massey TMU Visiting Fellows at Massey College.

About Massey College

Massey College is a postgraduate residential college at the University of Toronto that provides a stimulating, interdisciplinary intellectual community, but also leaves its scholars free to get on with their work. Toronto Metropolitan University and Massey have an ongoing arrangement whereby tenured faculty who are approved for a full-year sabbatical (September to August only), may apply to be selected as a fellow at Massey. The faculty appointed will receive, among other entitlements, shared office space at Massey College from September to April, the status of a full “Senior Resident” of the College and access to Robarts Library.

The location is particularly attractive because it is close to many academic resources at the University.

Appointment process

The appointment process involves a call for applications and the University presenting three Toronto Metropolitan University faculty members to Massey College. Massey representatives will interview them and assess their suitability for the program before confirmation of appointments. We encourage eligible faculty to apply as this is a positive career achievement that will provide the successful candidates greater opportunities during their sabbatical.

Application deadline

April 13, 2022

Personal invitations to apply have been sent to the approved full-year (2022-23) sabbaticants