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Tom Barbiero

EducationPh.D., University of Toronto, 1986
Phone416-979-5000, ext. 556265
Areas of ExpertiseInternational Institutions, Economic History

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Teaching Fields 
Economic History, Introductory Economics, International Institutions 

Selected Publications

C. McConnell, S. Brue, Flynn, S., T. Barbiero, Microeconomics, 16th Canadian edition, Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 2022.

C. McConnell, S. Brue, Flynn, S., T. Barbiero, Macroeconomics, 16th Canadian edition, Toronto:  McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 2022.

Barbiero, T., "Spend Less, Get more? Explaining Health Spending and Outcome Differences Between Canada and Italy." (With L. Di Matteo), Review of Economic Analysis, 12 (4), 2020.

Barbiero, T., "Economic Growth and the Public Sector: A Comparison of Canada and Italy, 1870-2013." (With Livio Di Matteo), Review of Economics Analysis,  10, (3), 2018

Barbiero, T., "How powerful was the national policy? The lesson of the cotton mills" (with M.S. Kim and M.N.A. Hinton), Review of Economic Analysis, 6 (1), 2014.

Barbiero, T., "Trade in capital goods and international co-movements of macroeconomic variables,"(with K. Yoshimine). Open Economies Review, 20(1), 2009.

Barbiero, T.,"Agriculture, demand, and industrial growth in Lombardy, 1861-1914," Journal of European Economic History, 1991.