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Haomiao Yu

Professor and Continuing Education Academic Coordinator
EducationPh.D., Johns Hopkins University, 2010
Areas of ExpertiseMicroeconomics, Mathematical Economics, Game Theory and Applications

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Teaching Fields

Microeconomics, Mathematical Economics, Game Theory, Industrial Organization

Selected Publications

Yu. H. “The individualistic foundation of equilibrium distribution, '' (with Xiang Sun and Yeneng Sun), Journal of Economic Theory, accepted.

Yu, H. “On the equivalence of large individualized and distributionalized games'' (with M. A. Khan, K. P. Rath and Y. Zhang), Theoretical Economics, 12, 533-554, 2017

Yu, H. “On the Nash equilibrium correspondence of a large game with traits: a complete characterization'' (with L. Qiao and Z. Zhang), Games and Economic Behavior, 99, 89-98, 2016

Yu, H. “Strategic uncertainty and the ex-post Nash property in non-atomic games” (with M.A. Khan, K.P. Rath and Y.N. Sun), Theoretical Economics,  10, 103-129, 2015

Yu, H. “On the space of players in idealized limit games” (with L. Qiao), Journal of Economic Theory,153, 177-190, 2014.

Yu, H. “Rationalizability in large games,” Economic Theory, 55, 457-479, 2014.

Yu, H. “Large games with a bio-social topology” (with M.A. Khan, K.P. Rath and Y.N. Sun), Journal of Economic Theory, 148, 1122-1149, 2013.