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Halis Yildiz

EducationPh.D., Southern Methodist University, 2003
Phone416-979-5000, ext. 556689
Areas of ExpertiseInternational Trade, Industrial Organization, Economic Development

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Teaching Fields 
Microeconomics, International Trade, Game Theory, Industrial Organization 

Selected Publications

Yildiz, H.M., "Implications of multilateral tariff bindings on the extent of formation of preferential trade agreements" (with Moise Nken), Economic Theory, 73(1), 301-47, 2022.

Yildiz, H.M., “The Role of Non-Discrimination in a World of Discriminatory Preferential Trade Agreements” (with Kamal Saggi and Woan Foong Wong),  Canadian Journal of Economics, 55 (1), 174-212, 2022. 

Yildiz, H.M., “Tariff Bindings and the Dynamic Formation of Preferential Trade Agreements” (with James Lake and Moise Nken), Journal of International Economics,  122, 2020.

Yildiz, H.M.,  “Consumption externalities, product quality and the role of national treatment” (with I. Ferrara and P. Missios), European Economic Review, 117, 1-35, 2019 (lead article).

Yildiz, H.M., "Should the WTO require free trade agreements to eliminate internal tariffs?" (with K. Saggi and W. F. Wong), Journal of International Economics,  118, 316-330, 2019.

Yildiz, H.M., "Do free trade agreements affect tariffs of non-member countries? A theoretical and empirical investigation" (with A. Stoyanov and K. Saggi), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 10, 128-170, 2018.

Yildiz, H., "On the different geographic characteristics of free trade agreements and customs unions," (with J. Lake), Journal of International Economics, 103, 213-233, 2016.

Yildiz, H., "External trade diversion, exclusion incentives and the nature of preferential trade agreement," (with P. Missios and K. Saggi), Journal of International Economics, 99, 105-119, 2016.

Yildiz, H., "Preferential versus multilateral trade liberalization and the role of political economy," (with Andrey Stoyanov), European Economic Review, 80, 140-164, 2015.

Yildiz, H., "On the relationship between preferential and multilateral trade liberalization: The case of customs unions," (with K. Saggi and A. Woodland),   American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 5(1), 63-99, 2013.

Yildiz, H., "Bilateralism, pure multilateralism, and the quest for global free trade," (with K. Saggi), Journal of International Economics, 81(1), 26-37,  2010.

Yildiz, H., "Trading rules and the environment: Does equal treatment lead to a cleaner world?," (with I. Ferrara and P. Missios), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 58, 206–225, 2009.