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Principal Investigator

Dafna Sussman

Dafna Sussman

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PhD Students

Sid Sadanand (2019-present)

Thesis: Gestational saturation transfer (ST) sequence development & clinical pilot functional imaging of fetal brain

Adam Lim (2019-present)

Thesis: Automatic quality assurance algorithm of 3D MRI fetal datasets

MITACS Accelerate Project: Standard Fetal Ultrasound Plane Classification

Dylan Young (2021-present)

Thesis: Automatic PAS diagnosis algorithm using ultrasound and MRI

Master's Students

Farhan Wasim (2022-present)

Thesis: Endometrial pathology image classification

Matthew Lam (2023-present)

Thesis: Endometrial pathology image classification

Sandra Alexander (2022-present)

Thesis: Placenta mimicking materials

Nika Momeni (2023-present)

Thesis: Fetal MRI data analysis 

Alex Dunn (2023-present)

Thesis: Fetal motion phantom optimization 

Céline Dubroy-McArdle (2021-present)

Thesis: The role of MT imaging in automatic segmentation of secondary brain metastases

Saranja Annalingam (2023-present)

Thesis: Effect of additive manufacturing process parameters on the MRI properties of UV-curable silicone

Yasmin Modarai (2024-present)

Thesis: Automatic fetal brain segmentation 

Research Assistants

Michael Pereira (2022-present)

Research: FetAS

Undergraduate Students

Lema Amiry (2024)


Undergraduate Students

Alex Dunn, BEng (2020-2021)

Research: Virtual studio platform development

Alif Munim, BSc (2021-2022)

Research: Automatic segmentation of brain tumors

Bipin Aasi, BEng (2018)

Research: Automatic MR image processing using machine learning

Danesh Aslam, BEng (2020-2021)

Research: Placental segmentation and disease classification

Dania Rabba, BEng (2021)

Research: Electrochemical design of phantoms 

Dylan Young, BEng (2019-2021)

Research: 1) Fetal image segmentation and algorithm development, 2)  COVID-19 in pregnancy data repository

Jennifer Yun, BFA (2021-2022) 

Research: UX/UI design

Jillian Cardinell, BEng (2019-2020)

Research: Optimization of image augmentation schemes

Jin Cheng, BEng (2018-2019)

Research: CEST computer simulation

Joshua Eisenstat, BEng (2021-2022) 

Research: Automatic fetal-placental image analysis using machine learning

Justin Lo, BEng (2019-2020)

Research: Automatic segmentation algorithm for fetal MRI

Michael Shulman, BEng (2018-2019)

Research: Literature review on anthropomorphic MRI phantoms of the human gravid abdomen

Millad Ayoubi, BSc (2021)

Research: 1) Virtual studio platform design, 2) UX/UI Design 

Mitchell Lee, BEng (2019-2021)

Research: 1) 3D printing and mould-making techniques,  2) 3D mechanical design of anthropomorphic MRI fetal phantom

Oluwatoni Bodunrin, BEng (2021-2022)

Research: Fetal Assessment Software (FeAS)

Rachita Singh, BSc (2021-2022) 

Research: Automatic segmentation of brain tumours

Ritesh Ahlawat, BSc (2021-2022)

Research: Automatic classification of endometrial biopsy images with deep learning

Tajmina Tafader, BEng (2021)

Research: 1) Excel programming for engineering project management, 2) PROTECT application backend programming

Alex D'Ippolito, BEng (2022)

Research: 3D printing and extrusion

Renee Berahzer, BEng (2022)

Research: Biomaterial longevity testing

Matthew Lam, BEng (2022-2023)

Research: Endometrial pathology image classification

Sandra Alexander, BEng (2022-2023)

Research: Placenta mimicking materials

Yasmin Modarai, BEng (2022-2024)

Research: FetAS

Michael Pereira, BSc (2022-2023)

Research: FetAS

Graduate Students

Daniel Sare, MSc (2019-2021)

Thesis: Development of a placental phantom for MRI sequence optimizations

Daniel Nussey, MASc (2020-2022)

Thesis: Smart surveillance of secondary brain tumour

Doshina Naila, MEng (2019-2021)

Thesis: Synthetic amniotic fluid

Eunyoung Cho, MASc (2018-2020)

Thesis: Development of an anthropomorphic fetal phantom for MRI sequence optimization

Noelle Crasto, MEng (2020-2021)

Thesis: Fetal brain phantom

Sid Sadanand, MSc (2019-2021)

Thesis: GlucoCEST sequence development and fetal applications

Justin Lo, MASc (2020-2021)

Thesis: Automatic 3D fetal segmentation

Daniel Sherman, MASc (2020-2022)

Thesis: Rapid classification of endometrial biopsy images using machine learning

Joshua Eisenstat, MASc (2021-2023)

Thesis: Classification of fetal presentation 

Alejo Costanzo (2020-2023)

Thesis: Amniotic fluid segmentation and biometric evaluation

MITACS Accelerate Project: Predicting preterm birth in twin pregnancies

Conor Cristant (2021-2023)

Thesis: Injection moulding of biomaterials

Mitchell Lee (2021-2023)

Thesis: Fetal MRI phantom for sequence development