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Student Innovation Challenge

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Do you want to build workplace skills, be part of a team that solves problems that matter, and meet people who can connect you to your next opportunity? If so, sign up for one of the SDZ's Student Innovation Challenges!

If you would like to express your interest for the next time the SDZ runs a Student Innovation Challenge, please fill out the form below.



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Tackle problems that matter to you

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Receive a stipend for your participation or a grand prize*

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Connect with industry experts and get exposure to new opportunities

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Build critical and transferable workplace skills (technical and non-technical)

*funding is dependent on the specific challenges being run, and information will be available prior to registration.

Past Programming

Cybersecurity and Accessibility
February 22nd-March 4th 2022

Student Innovation Challenges: Cybersecurity & Accessibility

Challenge Questions: How can the wayfinding experience at GO train stations be improved to allow for more independent navigation by customers with vision loss? How can the existing “Where’s My Bus” service be improved to more effectively provide bus service information in a way that better meet the needs of a broad range of customers with different abilities? How can we collect detailed usability information from users without having to ask them for their opinions directly?

Industry Partners: Experience Ventures, Metrolinx, Rogers Cyber Security Catalyst


Student Innovation Challenges
October 2021

Student Innovation Challenges

Challenge Areas: Accessibility, Manufacturing, Fin-Tech, Food, Urban Mobility, Healthcare, and Cybersecurity.

Industry Partner: Experience Ventures


Talent Tech Hackathon
February 2021

Talent Tech Hackathon

Challenge Question: How might we reduce the environmental footprint of the tech industry to become sustainable while remaining profitable and enabling tech advances?

Industry Partner: TalentTech Accelerator


Medtech Hackathon
October 2020

Medtech Hackathon

Challenge Question: How can we provide those with type 1 diabetes a simple and hands-off way to count carbs and maintain their blood-sugar levels?

Industry Partner: Medtech Talent Accelerator



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If you would like to express your interest for the next time the SDZ runs a Student Innovation Challenge, please fill out the form below.