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The SDZ's Director, Dr. Camila Londoño. She is sitting in front of a red-bricked wall witha a fogged glass window. She is wearing a black top, has black and curly shoulder-length hair, and has an olive complexion.
"The Science Discovery Zone is a place of exploration, discovery, and community. We are here to support people from all walks of life in pursuing their own definition of success!"
– Camila Londoño, Director

Put simply, the Science Discovery Zone (SDZ) is an incubator of people and ideas.

We connect both with members of the Toronto Metropolitan University and the broader community to teach evidence-based innovation by providing experiential learning opportunities. We also work to support ideators and startups in their early stages of growth and validation.

If you're someone totally new to innovation, an early-stage startup, or a business looking to connect with a strong scientific or technical talent network, the SDZ could be the space you're looking for.


Integrating experiential learning with innovation, we're here to support you as you grow!