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Continuing Education Certificate Program Requirements

Certificate Registration 

You should register in the certificate when you begin the program. Students can only be registered in one certificate program at any one time.

Certificate Program Requirements 

Ryerson policies on enrolment and grading define the minimum level of acceptable academic performance required to graduate.

Certificate Graduation Requirements

All students intending to graduate from a certificate program are required to: 

  • Be registered in the certificate prior to completion of 50 percent of the certificate program requirements 
  • Achieve and maintain a minimum level of academic performance
  • Apply to graduate

Completion of the certificate's curriculum within a time span from first enrolment to graduation that normally does not exceed the number of years calculated as follows:

  • The maximum number of years is the number of required single-term courses (or equivalent) divided by 2, plus one year.
  • The time span you have to complete the certificate will vary depending on the number of courses that must be completed in order to satisfy the graduation requirements of the certificate.

If you are pursuing a Continuing Education Certificate you must complete 50 per cent of the required number of courses as a registered Continuing Education student enrolled in the certificate program. At least 50 per cent of the courses must be taken over and above your degree/diploma studies.

Any TMU courses taken prior to registering in a certificate will be applied to certificate requirements provided that the course is applicable and is identical to The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education offering of the same course (e.g. ACC 100 and CACC 100), subject to the residency requirement above.

TMU courses that do not have the same course codes as those listed in the certificate curriculum will require an approved  (PDF file) Course Substitution/Course Directive regardless of when they were taken (e.g., CQMS 102 replaced by QMS 204, subject to residency requirements).

Some Certificates are not available to students registered in certain degree programs.

Please refer to the published table restrictions listing and guidelines.

For example, the Certificate in Accounting - Finance is not open to students in the Business Management Accounting Major degree Program (neither full-time nor part-time students may pursue this certificate).

'Undeclared' students may not register in a certificate that could become restricted to them when they select their program major. For example, Business Management students in the first year 'Undeclared' Plan may not register in the Accounting - Finance Certificate until they have declared themselves to be in a Plan that does not restrict registration in this certificate (e.g., they have selected the Human Resources degree Plan). Once they have selected a degree Plan, they may register in any certificate that is not restricted for that Plan. Students are encouraged to declare their Program Plan as early as possible to facilitate their registration in a certificate.

Undeclared students may enrol in any CNED courses they like, but are cautioned that 'Certificate Only' courses will not apply to their intended degree Program and Plan. Also, some degree-level courses in a certificate might not apply to their intended degree Program and Plan.  

If, subsequent to registering in the certificate but prior to graduation with the certificate, students change their declared Plan in a degree Program to a Plan which restricts registration in the certificate, their graduation from the degree will take precedence over the awarding of the certificate.