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Projects and Programs

Featured projects


As the demand for electrical vehicle (EV) chargers continues to rise, so does the need for testing and evaluation of solutions to assist original equipment manufacturers and other suppliers in designing and creating innovative products and solutions that improve reliability and performance while meeting specific technical, developmental or regulatory needs. Under the co-supervision of professors Reza Arani and Bala Venkatesh, CUE and Celestica will continue their partnership to produce a wide range of testing solutions unique to EV chargers.

Hydro One + NSERC and Mitacs

Distributed energy resources (DERs) are playing an increased role in the way electricity is generated and delivered, providing a pathway to a zero carbon 2050 future. As with most emerging technologies, DERs can also present new challenges to existing infrastructures and practices.

Under the supervision of professors Bala Venkatesh and Reza Arani, CUE will provide the tools, frameworks and expertise to support Hydro One in seamlessly integrating tens of thousands of DERs into their system to improve electricity reliability and resiliency. The project is supported by funds from the joint NSERC Alliance-Mitacs Accelerate grant and Hydro One.

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Schneider Electric

CUE’s Smart Building Analytics Living Lab (SBALL), anticipated to open in 2023, is the result of a long-standing, collaborative relationship between Schneider Electric and TMU. It provides the tools to develop, test and optimize modern technologies and approaches as well as demonstrates savings in energy consumption, capital and operating expenses for buildings of all sizes. Under the supervision of professor Jenn McArthur, the lab will present opportunities for TMU students to “do cutting-edge, advanced research, and form the next generation of highly skilled personnel in the field.”

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In recognition of the outstanding R&D collaboration between CUE and Toronto Hydro, professor Bala Venkatesh received NSERC Synergy Award for Innovation. The monetary award will be used to continue the research with Toronto Hydro to develop new strategic solutions for distribution system operations.

IESO + Toronto Hydro + Power Advisory LLC

With the goal of building a resilient infrastructure, promoting sustainability and fostering innovation, CUE is pleased to partner with Toronto Hydro and Power Advisory LLC, with support from the IESO Grid Innovation Fund and the Ontario Energy Board’s (OEB) Innovation Sandbox, to identify solutions that will allow the utility to use the same demand response resources simultaneously to meet the capacity needs of both local and provincial grids.

Toronto Hydro + NSERC + Mitacs

CUE will leverage funds from the joint NSERC Alliance- Mitacs Accelerate grant to conduct research and advise Toronto Hydro as it modernizes its energy grid. With the rapid evolution of the energy landscape, CUE’s work will include determining the optimum size of energy storage and improving scheduling, dispatching and utilization of energy resources, and in general, will help achieve sustainable growth.

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Recently completed projects

Opus One Solutions


CUE forecasted the growth of the EV and photovoltaic markets from 2021 to 2030 to determine the proportional relationship between population and EV chargers. CUE leveraged Opus One’s GridOS Integrated Distribution Planning (IDP) software to analyze the impact of EV growth on a New Delhi utility distribution feeder, which resulted in the design and delivery of viable solutions such as energy storage to mitigate overloading conditions.

Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC)

Energy costs contribute substantially to the overall financial burden of housing. As a first step to improving the energy efficiency of TCHC buildings, CUE identified and recommended affordable, technological solutions that can offset the energy-cost burden and disruption to TCHC tenants as well as help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and power consumption.


CUE designed and developed the world’s first pole- mounted energy storage system and provided conceptual designs for three service areas within Canada and India. Benefits of this system include storing energy to be released as needed, which increases reliability and reduces strain on the local transformer.

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Our programs

A group in the energy lab

The Professional Master’s Diploma in Energy and Innovation (part-time) program aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to function competently as operators, officers, administrators, managers, technicians, analysts, policy advisors and other key occupations in the fast-growing, rapidly evolving, dynamic Canadian Canadian energy sector.

The Electrical Engineering 101 seminar series introduces the fundamental concepts of electrical engineering to those without an engineering background looking to advance their career or break into a new one.

CUE delivers seminars and workshops developed for the unique needs of Canadian organizations and international groups. Optional daytime and evening networking events give participants an exclusive opportunity to connect with Ontario’s energy leaders and policymakers.

Featured companies

Founders of Cence Power

Cence Power builds touch-safe, high voltage direct current (DC) power distribution systems that increase service as well as energy efficiency of LED lighting by up to 40%. Cofounders Bolis Ibrahim and Sagar Jaiswal were named in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in the category of Manufacturing & Industry.

Their 2022 achievements include:

  • Awarded 1st place in VentureLab’s HardTech Pitch Competition
  • Acquired by Cence Power
  • i.d.e.a. Fund recipient

Based in Toronto, develops technology that provides transformational air to homes and buildings, and establishes a new standard for HVAC air infiltration. This tech startup’s ALVI CleanAir Safety System delivers better- than-HEPA air quality, reduces energy consumption of HVAC systems, and has IoT wireless monitoring that allows filter status and indoor air quality events to be monitored at all times.

Their 2022 achievements include:

  • Winner of an International Sustainability Award from one of the largest developers in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Successful installation of the ALVI CleanAir Safety System in high profile Canadian government buildings in Ottawa
  • Recently received a contract with Mattamy Homes to outfit a complete development
The founder of
The founders of Innowind

Innowind is a wind energy innovation startup that is building an airborne wind energy system to provide renewable alternatives to remote, rural and Indigenous communities in Canada and around the world.

Their 2022 achievements include:

  • Winner of the Slaight New Venture Competition 2022
  • Winner of the Quantum Valley Investments Problem Pitch
  • Finalist of the UpStart Program competition under Velocity Incubator
Power Up Program participants, the CUE administration team and faculty

Have an idea for an urban energy startup?

The Clean Energy Zone (CEZ) is an industry-leading, campus-based incubator located at CUE. Since its inception, 55 startups have passed through CEZ, including million-dollar companies such as Peak Power and SWTCH.

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