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Anne-Marie Singh, Ph.D

Anne-Marie Singh, a racialized settler on Indigenous lands, is an active contributor to anti-racism and decolonization in every aspect of her work. She is a sociologist who has been working and teaching in the criminology field for several decades.  Anne-Marie has a long-standing interest in how marginalized communities can and do ensure their own safety and security and in so doing engage, and are engaged by, state agencies and commercial enterprises. In the late 90s she participated in policing transformations in post-apartheid South Africa, working with a local NGO to support community-based policing initiatives; and, as part of a facilitation team at the University of Cape Town, training the police on community policing principles. In 1995, as a member of a research team at the Centre for Urban and Community Research (London, UK), she compiled, for the local council, the first comprehensive mapping of the resources, skills and strategies used by area residents to address their safety, housing, employment and other security needs.  Anne-Marie joined Ryerson initially as a part-time instructor and then in 2005 as a full-time faculty.

Mandissa Arlain

Mandissa Arlain is a librarian who works as a library technician at the Ryerson University Library. She served on several committees and caucuses, of which many are grounded in equity seeking and issues of recognition. For example, she has served on OPSEU's Workers of Colour’ caucus, whose mandate in part is to address issues of discrimination and representation within OPSEU and the greater society at large, and also contributed to Ryerson's Anti-Racism Taskforce, which in part resulted in greater equity awareness and a safer and more respectful space for marginalized groups. 

Along with her interest in equity and inclusion, she is also interested in relationships and the energies that govern them, with a particular emphasis on relationships and energies that support and enhance the lived experience of African/Caribbean women.


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