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Check your system

Check your system

It is important to check that your web browser is compatible with D2L Brightspace. The following resources can help you to check some crucial areas.


D2L Brightspace includes a tool that can check your system to ensure it is compatible with Brightspace.

Perform a quick system check now. (external link) 

This tool will check the following:

  • whether your web browser is officially supported
  • that you have JavaScript and Cookies enabled in your browser
  • that your web browser supports rich content editing

When accessing D2L Brightspace from the (opens in new window)  portal, D2L will load into a pop-up window. If you have pop-ups blocked in your web browser, the link to D2L Brightspace will not be able to load.

Locate your preferred web browser below, and click the link for the instructions on enabling pop-ups.

Please note that we recommend enabling pop-ups specifically for (opens in new window) , as opposed to enabling ALL pop-ups, whenever possible.

For instructions to allow pop-ups in your browser, clear cache, and other tips, please visit CCS's browser tips and minimum technology page.