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Calculating Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are to be paid by the end of the first month in each term (September, January, May).

  • MEng program tuition is charged based on the enrolled courses for the term.
  • MASc program tuition is charged for a set amount for each term.

In addition to tuition, students are charged various university fees (mandatory or optional) for their active term of enrollment.

Please refer to the official YSGPS web page (hyper-link below) for the current year's Tuition and Fees rates. For guidance on calculating your fees, please follow the instructions below:

                                    Graduate Fees by Program & Academic Level (opens in new window) 



1) Find your matching program and status accordingly:  International or Domestic, full-time or part-time.  Pay attention to the specific program title:



2) Calculation Method of Total Tuition Fees:


Total 1st year tuition fees = Fall term tuition fees + Winter term tuition fees + Spring/Summer term tuition fees. The 2nd year tuition fees rate will be announced during the following summer prior to the start of the new academic year.


Please view the Course Track information for the MEng listed on the Computer Networks website under the Courses tab. 

For MEng students who follow the Full-Time Course Track:
A typical 1 year total tuition fees = 4 units for the Fall term + 4 units for the Winter term + 3 units for the Spring/Summer term. 

Part-time students may calculate their total tuition fees using a similar method according to their own enrolled course load (1 unit = 1 credit) per term, plus the university fees charged for that term.



*The University Fees quoted for each term include mandatory and optional fees. 

* All fees are quoted in Canadian currency, reflecting the current academic year. Rates for future academic years will be announced in the summer prior to the new Fall term, and may be subject to change.

* Personal living expenses are not included.