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Computer Networks

As part of our graduate program in computer networks, you’ll receive advanced training in communications networking and find yourself at the forefront of developing technologies, such as software-defined networking (SDN), network security and 5G. With one of our master’s degrees under your belt, you’ll help drive the future of connectivity: connecting communities, disseminating content and controlling the environment around us through smart devices.

Our program’s focus remains on innovative, quality learning with an emphasis on practical knowledge that empowers students to influence the evolution of new technologies on a mass scale. Grounded in hands-on labs, every course led by world-class professors and industry experts puts theory into practice. Our students gain technical experience using industry-grade equipment and develop skills that can be immediately applied to industry or research.

Whether you choose our industry-focused course-based master of engineering (MEng) or you prefer the thesis option of a master of applied science (MASc), you’ll emerge with an unparalleled understanding of the past, present and future of computer networking, and the ability to help shape that future in an ever-evolving, exciting field that’s growing each day.

Student Experience

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You belong to a faculty that is full of opportunities for growth, creativity and networking with peers and professors. Connect with our thriving community by getting involved.

View the full list of graduate student experience programming in the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science.

 Lab Access

Apply classroom fundamentals with hands-on experience in our labs, where you’ll work with industry-grade point-of-delivery (POD) modules that allow students to simulate and test performance and effectiveness of data centers.

Review POD diagrams or, for current students requiring lab access, log in to book a reservation by referring to our complete list of PODs (opens in new window) .

Waqas Siddiqui

“The unique design of the program’s labs has transformed my thinking and taught me the art of research and troubleshooting. The hands-on experience has enabled me to work independently, find creative solutions to complex problems and advance my career.”

Waqas Siddiqui, Director, Network Engineering at CentriLogic
Computer Networks ’05