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Current Research Projects

  • Fake news detection
  • Bias detection in news articles
  • Multi-criteria recommender systems
  • GNN-based social recommender systems

Research Support


If you are interested in doing research with me, you can contact me at

Name Degree
Sneha PhD student
Omar Nada PhD student
Richard Kapupu PhD candidate (currently on leave)
Mohammad Emrul Hasan PhD student
Chang Nian Chuy, co-supervised with Dr. Vivian Hu PhD candidate
Keshopan Arunthavachelvan MSc student
Name Degree Year Graduated
Shaina Raza PhD 2021
Debashish Roy PhD 2021
Bayan Alghofaily PhD 2021
Zainab Al-Zanbouri PhD 2019
Syeda Nadia Firdaus (co-supervised with Dr. Alireza Sadeghian) PhD 2019
Raed Karim (co-supervised with Dr. Ali Miri) PhD 2015
Xiu Yang MSc 2022
Sarama Shehmir MSc 2021
Dejan Spanovic MSc 2019
Omar Nada MSc 2019
Bilal Khan (co-supervised with Dr. Ebrahim Bagheri) MSc 2019
Sneha MSc 2019
Chang Nian Chuy MSc 2017
Dipak Pudasaini MSc 2017
Syed Muhammad Ali (co-supervised with Dr. Ebrahim Bagheri) MSc 2016
Md Shahinur Rahman MSc 2015
Bayan Alghofaily MSc 2015
Debashish Roy MSc 2015
Navati Jain MSc 2015
Muhammad Suleman Saleem MSc 2014
Minal Patel (co-supervised with Dr. Ebrahim Bagheri) MSc 2014
Masudul Islam MSc 2014
Prerna Pathak MSc 2014
Mohammad Islam (co-supervised with Dr. Marcus Santos) MSc 2013
Sogol Naseri MSc 2013
Anita Moheibi MSc 2011
Rozita Mirmortalebi MSc 2011
Shilpi Verma MSc 2011
Qiong Zhang MSc 2011
Kian Farsandaj MSc 2010
Delnavaz Mobedpour MSc 2010
Alireza Dehghani MSc 2010
Preethy Sambamoorthy MSc 2009
Xiangyi Chen (co-supervised with Dr. Dimitri Androutsos) MSc 2008
Jin Zhou (co-supervised with Dr. Dimitri Androutsos) MSc 2006

Affiliate Research Labs