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Accessing CFAPS Folders

Off-campus access

If your faculty or department utilizes Central File and Print Services (CFAPS) to access the S and U personal and shared drives, you can access these same folders securely off-campus using Toronto Metropolitan University’s virtual private network (VPN), TMU-VPN. For help applying for a VPN profile, please visit the TMU-VPN page.

Manually Connecting (Mapping) to a CFAPS Shared Folder 

1. On your Windows computer, open the This PC folder. This can be done by clicking the this PC shortcut on your Desktop, or by right-clicking the Start button, opening File Explorer and navigating to This PC.

Open This PC from the Desktop

2. Click the Computer menu option and select Map Network Drive.

Select Tools and then select Map Network Drive

3. A Map Network Drive window will appear. Here, you can select a drive to map to the shared drive (the drop-down menu shows all available drives you can select from).

A Map Network Drive window will appear.

4. Within the Folder field, type in the path and folder name, for example:


The “Your_Unit_Name” portion of the path is where the shared folder resides. As well, you must include the dollar currency symbol “$” following the unit name.

Next, ensure the Reconnect at logon checkbox is selected, then click Finish.

Type path and folder name

5. You can now find the newly mapped folder by once again navigating to My Computer. The folder will appear in the Network Drives section.

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