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Camper & CIT Standards of Behaviour

Campers, Leaders-in-Training (LITs), and Counsellors-In-Training (CITs) are expected to support us in creating a positive, safe, and inclusive place at Camp. Significant time is spent during Staff Training to provide staff members with the tools they need to manage camper behaviour, encourage participation, and work with campers to resolve conflict in a positive way.

Staff are encouraged to intervene and assist if camper behaviour is problematic. Usually, one-on-one or small-group conversations are effective in resolving problems. Staff are instructed to inform one of our seasonal leadership team members of inappropriate behaviour. Sometimes, our leadership team or the Camps Coordinator may contact parents when behaviour is especially concerning.

Staff may remove camper privileges if a child does not behave appropriately at Camp. In extreme cases, the Camps Coordinator may decide to dismiss a camper from the Camp program when the Standards of Behaviour are not met. In cases where a camper is dismissed from Camp and asked not to return, refunds are not available.

We have used the Ontario Code of Conduct (Safe Schools Act) to help us develop our Standards of Behaviour at Camp:

Respect, politeness, and responsible citizenship

Campers, LITs, and CITs are expected to:

  • Respect and follow the law
  • Tell the truth and be honest
  • Make everyone at Camp feel welcome and included
  • Respect differences in people
  • Respect the rights of other people
  • Treat everyone with respect, even when you do not agree with someone else
  • Show care for Toronto Metropolitan University property and equipment, and for the things that belong to other people
  • Help others when they need it
  • Listen to instructions and directions from Camp staff
  • Ask Camp staff for help so that problems can be resolved peacefully
  • Not use swear words
  • Try their best in all Camp activities
  • Participate fully in the Camp program
  • Be a good sport


Campers, LITs, and CITs must not:

  • Bully other people, whether it is in person or through technology, such as social media
  • Touch people in a way that is unwanted or makes them feel uncomfortable
  • Bring weapons - or threaten to bring weapons - to Camp
  • Use any object to threaten people or make people feel uncomfortable
  • Bring cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol to Camp
  • Take things that are not theirs
  • Hit or hurt someone else, or encourage other people to hit or hurt someone else
  • Say things that hurt other people or make people feel uncomfortable
  • Engage in sexual activity that compromises the physical or emotional safety of themselves or others
  • Damage Toronto Metropolitan University property on purpose or by being careless