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English and Philosophy Core Elective Table II

NOTE: Every course will not be offered every semester. Students may opt for depth by selecting courses within thematic categories, or may opt for breadth by sampling broadly across those categories. Students considering Graduate studies are strongly advised to meet regularly with the Program Director to plan their course of study to ensure sufficient breadth and depth requirements.


English: Students must complete four (4) English courses from Table II.

Media + Cultural Studies

World Views + Experiences

  • ENG 142 Black Arts, Black Power
  • ENG 223 Literatures of Exile and Migration
  • ENG 409 Literatures of the City
  • ENG 413 Literature, Empire, and Colonization
  • ENG 416 American Literatures
  • ENG 417 Special Topics in American Literatures
  • ENG 620 Literatures of the Caribbean
  • ENG 621 Women's Texts, Global Contexts
  • ENG 623 Film/Literature: Middle East, North Africa
  • ENG 640 Literatures of Asia and its Diasporas
  • ENG 650 Indigenous World View
  • ENG 653 Black Literatures and Cultures 
  • ENG 701 Canadian Literatures
  • ENG 710 Special Topics in Canadian Literatures
  • ENG 942 Decolonizing Literature

Literary Histories + Movements

Creative Writing

  • ENG 230  Creativity, Writing and Everyday Life
  • ENG 406  Visionary Poetics
  • ENG 407  Writing Short Stories
  • ENG 517  Techniques and Topics in Creative Writing
  • ENG 577  Getting the Word Out: Publishing
  • ENG 662  Shiny Writing: The Editing Process
  • ENG 680  The Art of Oral Storytelling
  • ENG 911 Creative Writing Capstone

Rhetoric, Writing + Culture

Genre Studies

Independent Study


Students considering Graduate studies are strongly advised to meet with the Undergraduate Program Director to plan their course of study.

Courses completed to satisfy another degree requirement cannot also count towards the Core Elective Table II requirement.

Students admitted Fall 2022 and before must complete seven (7) Philosophy courses from Table II.

Students admitted Fall 2023 and after must complete five (5) Philosophy courses from Table II.

For all students, a minimum of three (3) courses must be advanced as grouped below.

Non-advanced courses:

NOTE: *Course can be used as an advanced course for students admitted Fall 2022 and before.

Advanced courses: