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MTH 511

Limitations of Measurement

Measurements are made to make a judgment about something. It can be to judge the accuracy of data, to accept or reject a product or to determine the price charged in everyday commerce. The judgment made can only be as sound as the measurement is reliable. The error in making a measurement limits its usefulness. This course will introduce basic concepts associated with measurement and the uncertainty in measurement, including the source of error in measurement. Examples taken from the physical, biological and medical sciences will illustrate how the limitations of measurements can alter people's perceptions and the impact this can have on issues such as government policies and medical treatments. (Formerly SCI 500)
Weekly Contact: Lecture: 3 hrs.
GPA Weight: 1.00
Course Count: 1.00
Billing Units: 1
Liberal Studies: UL







Custom Requisites

Not available to Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Students (with the exception of Architecture) nor Faculty of Science Students.

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