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JRN 851

Newsroom masthead - On The Record

This course acquaints students with the challenges of producing daily news and current affairs across multiple media platforms. Students will build on skills in writing, reporting, interviewing, newsroom leadership, journalistic initiative, news-gathering, and the technical skills that accompany information dissemination. Through daily production,students will meet the demands of maintaining an online news site, as well as producing daily broadcast news and a community newspaper, On The Record.
Weekly Contact: Lab: 12 hrs.
GPA Weight: 1.00
Course Count: 2.00
Billing Units: 3


JRN 344 and one of (JRN 302 or JRN 303 or JRN 304 or JRN 305 or JRN 306 or JRN 314 or JRN 315)





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