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TMU’s colours are instantly recognizable. But our palette is expanding past our familiar blue and gold in order to complement our already established look. Below you’ll find not only our primary and secondary palettes, but also our vibrant tertiary palette. 

The primary palette consists of TMU blue and gold, as well as black (used primarily for text) and white.

Secondary colours expand the range of blue and gold, adding tonality and texture. The primary and secondary palettes have been developed to work together effectively.

The primary and secondary palettes are always drawn on first when considering colour in applications. 

Pantone Values
Some colours have two Pantone values associated with them; C (coated) and U (uncoated). For print applications on a coated paper stock, refer to the C value and for an uncoated paper stock, refer to the U value.

Colour Usage
University entities use colour differently depending on where they fit in the Brand Architecture. To find out where your brands fits in best, go to the Brand Architecture section.

Brand Colour Usage & Accessibility
Please follow the  (google sheet) Brand Colour Usage & Accessibility guideline (external link)  to comply with accessibility standards.

Primary Palette

A dark blue rectangle swatch.

TMU Blue
PMS 2935U/2945C
C100 M60 Y0 K15
R0 G76 B155
HEX #004c9b

A gold rectangle swatch.

TMU Gold
PMS 108U/109C
C0 M10 Y100 K0
R255 G220 B0
HEX #ffdc00

A black rectangle swatch.

C0 M0 Y0 K100
R0 G0 B0
HEX #000000

A white rectangle swatch.

C0 M0 Y0 K0
R255 G255 B255
HEX #ffffff

Secondary Palette

A navy blue rectangle swatch.

PMS 287U/288C
C100 M70 Y0 K40
R0 G45 B114
HEX #002d72

A medium blue rectangle swatch.

PMS 3005U/C
C100 M30 Y0 K0
R0 G119 B200
HEX #0077c8

A medium-to-light blue rectangle swatch.

PMS 2995U/C
C90 M0 Y0 K0
R0 G169 B239
HEX #00a9ef

A light blue rectangle swatch.

PMS 2985U/C
C60 M0 Y0 K0
R91 G194 B244
HEX #5bc2f4

A medium orange rectangle swatch.

PMS 130U/137C
C0 M40 Y100 K0
R255 G163 B0
HEX #ffa300

A light orange rectangle swatch.

PMS 109U/123C
C0 M22 Y100 K0
R255 G198 B9
HEX #ffc609

A bright yellow rectangle swatch.

PMS Yellow U
C0 M0 Y100 K0
R255 G238 B0
HEX #ffee00

A dark grey rectangle swatch.

Dark Grey
C0 M0 Y0 K40
R153 G153 B153
HEX #999999

A light grey rectangle swatch.

Light Grey
C0 M0 Y0 K15
R217 G217 B217
HEX #d9d9d9

Tertiary Palette

The tertiary palette broadens the fields of colour beyond the spectrum of blue and gold. It has been carefully selected to complement the primary and secondary palettes, while matching them in intensity and vibrance. 

Colour Usage
All university entities use colour differently depending on where they fit in the Brand Architecture. To find out where your brand fits in best,  go to the Brand Architecture section.

An orange rectangle swatch.

PMS 152U/C
C0 M60 Y100 K0
R255 G114 B0
HEX #ff7200

A red rectangle swatch.

PMS 199U/C
C0 M100 Y75 K0
R228 G0 B50
HEX #e40032

A bright pink rectangle swatch.

PMS 226U/C
C0 M100 Y0 K0
R235 G0 B114
HEX #eb0072

A violet rectangle swatch.

PMS 2603U/C
C70 M100 Y0 K0
R121 G32 B130
HEX #792082

A light purple rectangle swatch.

PMS 272U/C
C60 M55 Y0 K0
R116 G116 B193
HEX #7474c1

A moss rectangle swatch.

PMS 397U/C
C15 M2 Y100 K15
R191 G190 B0
HEX #bfbe00

A Christmas green rectangle swatch.

PMS 347U/C
C93 M0 Y100 K0
R0 G154 B68
HEX #009a44

A turquoise rectangle swatch.

PMS 7467U/C
C100 M0 Y30 K0
R0 G163 B173
HEX #00a3ad

An aqua rectangle swatch.

PMS 563U/C
C55 M0 Y30 K0
R107 G191 B174
HEX #6bbfae