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Three students look at one laptop, one points at the screen.

Balancing Theoretical and Practical Education

The Arts & Contemporary Studies (ACS) core interdisciplinary curriculum, combined with the various major Options and Minor choices, ensures that students graduate with a wide array of professional choices and opportunities.

A rich training in the Humanities as well as a performance-driven curriculum in the Social Sciences provides ACS students with an in-depth understanding of social groups, historical events, and a broad range of ideas that have shaped Western and global cultures.

What is ACS?

Toronto Metropolitan University’s Arts and Contemporary Studies (ACS) program is an interdisciplinary four-year undergraduate learning opportunity designed to:

  • Put students on a path of leadership and making a difference;
  • Study the most influential people of all time;
  • Expand cultural, historical, and social awareness;
  • Develop critical-thinking, communication, leadership, and research skills;
  • Become more creative;
  • Learn about Canadian and global histories, cultures and societies;
  • Critically examine influential global contemporary issues;
  • Have flexibility to explore a range of interests; and,
  • Provide the basic skills essential to succeed in any field.