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The Alumni Achievement Award Digital Badge

TMU Alumni Achievement Award Recipient

As a past recipient of an Alumni Achievement Award, you have shown how a Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) education is a pathway to professional excellence. 

In 2023, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Alumni Achievement Awards, we’re pleased to have shared with you a special, digital badge to commemorate your impactful changemaking.

Also known as an e-badge, a digital badge is a way to showcase your accolades or accreditations on digital platforms, such as in your email signature or LinkedIn profile. It can even be pasted into your digital resume or online portfolio to represent the recognition you have received by your university and peers. 

We’re proud to have you as a member of the TMU community and hope you will display this badge just as proudly. Thank you for serving your university with distinction and being a continuing inspiration to us all.

Instructions on how to display your digital badge

Download the digital badge

TMU Alumni Achievement Award Recipient

Right-click over the badge image and select “Download image” or “Save image as” and download this to your computer.

How to add a digital image to your Gmail signature

For other email platforms, please check with your provider.

Add your Alumni Achievement Award to the Honors & Awards section of your LinkedIn profile. It will look like this:

Linkedin screenshot of the Honors & awards section

How to add your Alumni Achievement Award to the Honors & Awards section

Linkedin screenshot of the profile page with "Add profile section" highlighted.

1. Log into your LinkedIn account and go to your profile and select the button that says “Add profile section”.

Linkedin screenshot of "Add to profile" interface

2. Select “Additional”.

3. Select “Add honors & awards”.

Linkedin screenshot "Add honors & awards" interface

4. A window will appear, in which you key in the information about the Alumni Achievement Award.

5. Select “Save”.

Your award will now be displayed in your profile.

Currently, LinkedIn does not enable users to upload media to their Honors & Awards. This may be a feature only available with premium accounts.


Please tag us at #TMUAlumni#AlwaysAlumni or @alumniTMU in your post(s)!

Once awarded, an Alumni Achievement Award may be revoked if Toronto Metropolitan University determines that association with the recipient may call into question the integrity or reputation of the university.