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Dr. Ahmet Emre Karataş                           Click here for Dr. Karatas' CV (external link, opens in new window) 

Current Appointments:

Assistant Professor | Aerospace Engineering, Toronto Metropolitan University

Affiliate Scientist | Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Science and Technology, St. Michael's Hospital

Adjunct Professor, Status Only | UTIAS, University of Toronto


PhD – University of Toronto, Institute for Aerospace Studies, 2014

MASc – University of Toronto, Institute for Aerospace Studies, 2009

BSc – Middle East Technical University, Aerospace Engineering, 2007

Oytun Öner (2023–2027)

Soot Formation at High Pressures

Daniel Cormier (2022–2026)

Development of a 2D Laser Induced Incandescence

Yash Rajan (2021–2025)

Fuel Preheating Effects on Soot Formation 

Talia de Ryck (2021–2023)

Effects of Feedback Loops on Soot Formation

Awon Sharjeel (2021–2023)

Characterization of Respiratory Flows

Madeline McQueen (2020–2022)

Hybrid-Electric Propulsion 

Awarded Ryerson Graduate Scholarship RGS

Winner of Aviation Week Network's 20 Twenties (external link) 

Aryan Nobakht (2022–2024)

Soot Formation of Fuel Mixtures at Elevated Pressures

Marek Serwin (2020–2022)

Soot Formation in Oscillating Flames

Pascal Leung (2019–2020)

Design and Construction of a New Co-flow Burner


Paul Chinnam (2019–2020)

Design and Construction of a Thermophoretic Sampling System to Collect Soot from Flames

Ashwinraj Gnanavel (2019–2020)

Design and Development of a Multi-colour Soot Emission Diagnostics to Measure Soot Temperature and Concentration

Mohamed Azouz (2019–2020)

Soot Measurements in Atmospheric Laminar Diffusion Flames of Gaseous Biofuels 

Awarded NSERC USRA, Awarded FEAS URE

Rushank Trivedi (2020)

Spectral Soot Emission Data Analysis

Awarded FEAS URO

Mattias Cheung (2022–2023)

Construction of a Spectrometer

Shankavie Gnaneswara (2022–2023)

Construction of a Spectrometer

Christian Hui (2021) 

Toronto Ambient Air Quality Impacts from COVID-19 (Co-supervised by Dr. Fatih Sekercioglu)

Recipient of Vanier Scholarship