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Dr. Zouheir Fawaz

Zouheir Fawaz
416-979-5000 ext. 557417

Areas of Academic Interest

Aircraft Structural Design

Advanced Aerospace Materials

Green Aviation

Biomechanical Engineering


Year University Degree
1992 Sherbrooke University PhD
1987 Sherbrooke University MASc
1985 University of Ottawa

Selected Courses

Course Code Course Title
AER 621 Aerospace Structural Design
AER 814 Aircraft Design Project
AE8140 Advanced Aerospace Structural Design


For aerospace engineers—Zouheir Fawaz included—space is the ultimate curiosity. “The universe, the stars, the galaxies, travelling at the speed of light,” he says. “It’s always fascinated me.”

Unlike many aerospace engineers, however, getting into the profession came with some unexpected challenges. In Fawaz’s second year of engineering, a serious car accident caused him to miss an entire school year. After recovering, and feeling more motivated than ever, he went on to complete his PhD and establish AERIAS, a flagship program that connects students with industry partners.

The relationship between industry and FEAS is symbiotic, with many engineers taking a pause from exciting roles in private enterprise and government in order to return to the faculty for graduate studies. “One of our PhD students used to be responsible for putting the government’s seal of approval on airplane design elements.”

Returning to Toronto Metropolitan University to pursue a PhD with the end goal of advancing in a dream career is a path Fawaz wholly endorses. “Engineers should always do what they’re passionate about,” he says. “It’s our passion and curiosity that will take us far.”

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Zouheir Fawaz

"Aerospace is an incubator of ideas.”

  • Mondialogo Engineering Award winner. Awarded by UNESCO, May 2005
  • Professional Leadership Award: The Canadian Bureau for International Education, June 2002
  • Outstanding Paper Award, Transactions of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineers, 1990
  • Tensile and compressive damaged response in Flax fibre reinforced epoxy composites, Composites Part A: 2017
  • Investigation of the viscoelastic response of high temperature AS4‐12K/RP46 composites using a micromechanical approach, Polymer Composites, 2016
  • An effective approach for optimization of a composite intramedullary nail for treating femoral shaft fractures, J. of Biomech. Eng., 2015
  • An investigation of the damage mechanisms and fatigue life diagrams of flax fiber-reinforced polymer laminates, Journal of Materials Science, 2014
  • A 3D micromechanical energy-based creep failure criterion for high-temperature polymer–matrix composites, Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, 2014
  • National examiner for Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) in three credential assessment engineering subjects
  • Program Evaluator, Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB)