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Dr. A. Emre Karatas

Emre Karatas
Assistant Professor
BSc, MASc, PhD
416-979-5000 ext. 556432

Areas of Academic Interest

Combustion emissions



Flame diagnostics


Year University Degree
2014 University of Toronto PhD
2009 University of Toronto MASc
2007 Middle East Technical University BSc

Courses Taught

Course Code Course Title
AE8108 Aircraft Turbine Engines


Ahmet Emre Karataş knows how influential a professor can be. After all, he lived that experience first-hand during his undergraduate propulsion course, where a hands-on instructor helped set the course for Karataş’s career in gas turbine combustion. “I was really excited by engines, how multidisciplinary the field is,” he recalls.

That excitement lives on today, an age in which combustion of hydrocarbon fuels lies at the centre of daily climate change discourse. The urgent need to solve the energy problem is what keeps Karataş motivated. “For civilization to keep going, we need energy, but no one has a solution so far. I see a lot of potential every day in this field, and that really inspires me.” He envisions a future in which cleaner combustion technologies are more important than ever before, and also foresees opportunity in emerging technologies like combustion-generated materials.

While a vision of years to come is what motivates him, Karataş doesn’t lose sight of his past. Now on the other side of the lectern, he hopes to continue to inspire students through teaching. Of the students he’s helped supervise, he says, “I think, in a way, although small, I helped them achieve their goals. That’s extremely fulfilling.”

Emre Karatas

"Research is how I believe I'll make an impact in my life; years after I'm gone, I'll have my research lingering, helping others. Progress is made on new knowledge."

  • G.N. Patterson Award (UTIAS award for best PhD Dissertation), 2014
  • Gigone, B., Karataş, A. E. and Gülder, Ö. L., “Soot aggregate morphology in coflow laminar ethylene diffusion flames at elevated pressures”, Proceedings of The Combustion Institute, Vol. 37, pp. 841–848, 2019.
  • Wang, W., Karataş, A. E., Groth, C. P. T., and Gülder, Ö. L., “Experimental and numerical study of laminar flame extinction for syngas and syngas-methane blends”, Combustion Science and Technology, Vol. 190, pp. 1455–1471, 2018.
  • Liu, F., Karataş, A. E., Gülder, Ö. L., and Gu, M., “Numerical and experimental study of the influence of CO2 and N2 dilution on soot formation in laminar coflow C2H4/air diffusion flames at pressures between 5 and 20 atm”, Combustion and Flame Vol. 162, pp. 2231–2247, 2015.
  • Karataş, A. E. and Gülder, Ö. L., “Dependence of sooting characteristics and temperature field of co-flow laminar pure and nitrogen-diluted ethylene–air diffusion flames on pressure” Combustion and Flame, Vol. 162, pp. 1566–1574, 2015.
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