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BReady: Hire Now, Hire Smart

Helping your business access and recruit the best tech and business talent in Brampton

Presented by the Brampton Board of Trade (BBOT), Brampton Venture Zone by TMU, and Talent Accelerator at Toronto Metropolitan University, BReady is Brampton’s premier platform utilizing an advanced skills parsing search function to match open job roles at your company with the most suitable candidates, saving you time, money and valuable HR resources in recruiting.

With a focus on helping candidates from new immigrant communities, historically racialized communities and recent graduates, the platform serves as a streamlined way for SME’s, corporations and startups to adopt more inclusive hiring practices. The program will consist of 5 month long placements for these candidates alongside experiential learning opportunities and industry-readiness training through self-paced online modules.

Platform benefits:

  • A $4000 wage subsidy (limited number available and longevity of the hire beyond internship is a required criteria) to cover partial costs of a 5 month placement and reduce the financial burden of hiring, or give a racialized community member their first job experience in your company
  • Seamlessly screen and request interviews with the constantly updated talent pool
  • Opportunities for your current employees to upskill in tech and business through connections to our post secondary and continuing education partners 
  • Monthly local networking events led by local industry leaders to present your company’s career opportunities and attract more diverse talent
  • Showcase diverse talent you onboard at events and speaking engagements to attract more diverse talent


Watch the recording of our info session to learn more about how to apply, a demo of the platform, and the opportunities available to hire business and tech talent.