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Bridging Recruitment Gaps for Talent and Employers in the Peel Region!

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The BReady Talent Platform is a virtual marketplace that connects talent with employers hiring for tech and business roles in Brampton and Mississauga. The platform utilizes an advanced matching algorithm to match talent profiles with employers offering full-time & part-time roles based on their skills and employer requirements. This allows talent to passively job-hunt and enables employers to discover qualified and diverse candidates quickly.

We welcome all job seekers eligible to work in Canada, with a conscious focus on new immigrants, recent graduates, and mid-career professionals from racialized communities. 

Join 300+ talent and 100+ employers already benefiting from the BReady Talent Platform. 


The BReady Talent Platform is funded by the provincial government, Toronto Pearson’s Uplift grant, and in collaboration with the Brampton Venture Zone by TMU and Brampton Board of Trade & Mississauga Board of Trade.

Our Vision:

BReady envisions a transformative shift in how talent and employers connect by creating a talent bank and not a job board, matching talent based on their true potential and not just keywords, and changing the perception of talent on prospective employers and industries. 

We aim to address the underutilization of new immigrants, recent graduates, and professionals from racialized communities. We aspire to shift the industry norm around recruitment by connecting talent with startups and SMEs, driving economic growth while fostering diversity. 

Our focus is on providing full-time or part-time white-collar positions in technology and business in the growing sectors.

Our Approach to Addressing Talent Underutilization:

Canada's economic immigration policy attracts qualified talent without a streamlined strategy to offer skill-based employment, leading to the underutilized of this talent, and discontent between job seekers and employers, with the potential for good talent to leave the country. 

At BReady, we solve this by simplifying job hunting through a single application, ensuring unbiased matches based on the full profile of the talent (experience, projects, certificates) not just keywords or top skills, and expanding employer reach. We educate talent on Peel region's key sectors - healthcare/biotechnology, food processing, logistics, and advanced manufacturing, and soft skill enhancement through our Learning Management System (LMS). 

Brampton Venture Zone at Toronto Metropolitan University in collaboration with the Brampton Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade
Ontario Government and Toronto Pearson
City of Brampton and Toronto Metropolitan University