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Our Services

Digital Publishing provides the TMU community with a full range of website planning, design, development and maintenance services at very competitive rates.

Digital Publishing charges $55/hour for its for its web design, content and consulting services. We work exclusively with TMU clients and all sites are built using the university supported web content management system, AEM.

Web design, site updates and consulting

Our services include:

  • Site maintenance/content updates
    • Let us help you create new pages; remove or update text/images/PDFs; add new features such as slideshows or news & events, etc.
  • Website migration & planning
  • Competitive reviews, content audit, and information architecture (IA)
  • Website design and development
  • Project management, consultation, usability, training, documentation & quality assurance

Our process

Digital publishing is dedicated to providing the best user experience possible. Our websites are secure, accessible (AODA-compliant) and easy to use.

Digital Publishing works with you to analyze your business needs and the needs of your key audience. No project is too small. We're here to help. Get an overview of our project development process below.

1.0 Discovery
2.0 Planning
3.0 Design
4.0 Build
5.0 Review & Release

Get a quote ($)

During the discovery phase, we will meet with you to determine the overall goals for your website and learn about your target audience. The information gathered will allow us to determine the scope of work.

We will provide you with a statement of work (SOW), which includes the cost estimate for the project. Once the project has been initiated i.e. the SOW has been signed and approved, we will then conduct any necessary research activities. Depending on the scope of work, this may include a competitive review, content audit, review of current information architecture (IA) and available google analytics.

Working with us: Gathering & Organizing content

Digital Publishing has created a shared folder with documents and templates designed to help you identify and organize your website content prior to sending it to the Digital Publishing team.

We use the information gathered in the discovery phase to recommend a solution that is tailored to your particular needs. This involves the development of wireframes, or working prototypes, prioritization of content based on metrics and new IA. At this stage, we will require your final website text and content.

During the design phase, our aim is to produce a site structure, page layouts, navigation system and a design that best meets your needs. All sites are compliant with TMU’s Brand Guidelines.

During the development of your website, Digital Publishing will create all content pages in AEM, our web content management system, ensuring that it is easy for you to update. Finally, we test all content in our development environment, ensuring your new site meets AODA requirements, and is user-friendly for your visitors.

Prior to this stage, you will have the opportunity to review the site and content development. Once you provide final approval, we will activate/publish your website to and provide the documentation and training you need to update your content and maintain your website.

If you are looking for help with your website project, or simply need content updates from time to time, please contact Kathy Hewak or Emily Gutierrez to discuss your project needs and goals.