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Urban Water Research from an Occupational and Public Health Perspective

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1st Edition

Indigenous Health and Well-Being in the COVID-19 Pandemic, Edited By Nicholas D. SpenceFatih Sekercioglu
Copyright 2023

Urban Water researcher Dr. Fatih Sekercioglu is an innovative and active contributor to public health research through his transdisciplinary approach and collaboration with a broad range of partners in municipalities, ministries, professional associations, industry, and NGOs. 

Dr. Sekercioglu has a background in occupational and public health and focuses his research in the areas of environmental health equity, the built environment and climate change, water quality and public health policy, and Indigenous health and well-being. 

In recent years and with support from a variety of funders, Dr. Sekercioglu has undertaken an impressive array of research partnerships including:

  • In 2021, a partnership with Toronto Public Health to investigate the sociodemographic effects of the pandemic on Covid-19 cases. This project included the supervision of 35 undergraduate research assistants. 
  • A partnership with City of Toronto’s Environment and Energy Division to investigate variations in air quality before, during, and after movement restrictions imposed by Covid-19 and their relationship to sociodemographics, lifestyle, and energy consumption. 
  • A transdisciplinary partnership with a diverse range of academic and private partners across Canada to study the role of ‘Makerspaces’ in the circular economy. 
  • A large 5-year SSHRC grant worth $2.5M from SSHRC and $8.7M including partner contributions to study the quality of Canada’s built environment and its relationship to equity, social value, and sustainability. The project involves 70 academics, 14 universities, and 44 partners including national institutions and not-for-profits dedicated to underrepresented populations. 

Dr. Sekercioglu also co-authored a book about Indigenous community experiences around the world during the pandemic entitled Indigenous Health and Well-Being in the COVID-19 Pandemic - 1st Edition (external link) 

Dr. Sekercioglu is currently collaborating with Urban Water researchers on the monitoring and performance of a Smart Blue Roof at Credit Valley Conservation Headquarters. This interdisciplinary project includes researchers from Civil Engineering, Public Health, and Architecture at Toronto Metropolitan University.