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Water Tent at Science Rendezvous

The "Urban Water Pledge" aimed to educate and motivate individuals to be more proactive about water usage

In May 2018, Urban Water TMU was delighted to participate in Science Rendezvous. Science Rendezvous is Canada’s largest outdoor science fair and engages the public directly. Ryerson held this fair along the pedestrian portion of Gould Street!

Students and members of the public, young and old, strolled along the street and learned about a wide range of topics including electricity, brain function, cell imaging, robotics and much more!

Urban Water TMU hosted a Water Tent and asked visitors to sign the “Urban Water Pledge.” In explaining the pledge, Urban Water TMU’s Nick Reid and Angela Murphy educated the public about household water usage, stormwater and sanitary sewer flow, and the water cycle in cities. The City of London’s Barry Orr was a special guest and explained to visitors that wipes are not flushable and clog city infrastructure. It was a great day!

nick explaining the water pledge to citizens


group of people posing within printed framed tweet
Angela and Nicholas posing in framed tweet