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Distributed Wastewater Technologies: Sustainable OneWater Solutions Group

Workshop hosted by Urban Water TMU's Steven Liss

On February 15th 2018, Ryerson hosted an NSERC-funded workshop on the subject of Distributed Wastewater Technologies - Sustainable OneWater Solutions (DWT-SOS). The event brought together over 70 researchers, industry partners, utilities and municipalities on the future of distributed wastewater solutions in the context of "OneWater.”

OneWater is a holistic approach to managing the urban water cycle as a single integrated system where all waterflows are recognized as potential resources. Hence, water supply, ground water, stormwater, and wastewater management are all viewed as interconnected and optimized. The combined impact of this connected approach is recognized as having the benefits of decreased flooding, improved water quality, and healthier wetlands, watercourses, and coastal waters. More information on OneWater is available from the Water Research Foundation website.

Using outputs from the workshop, a Letter of Intent (LOI) was developed and submitted to NSERC describing the need for a Strategic Network Grant to research several application platforms for Distributed Wastewater Technologies ranging in use for remote and Indigenous communities to urban intensification.

The LOI was accompanied by letters of support from 30 industry, utility, government, and not-for-profit organizations, as well as, 5 international collaborators. NSERC's decision on the next steps is expected in Fall of 2018. Whether NSERC funds further research or not, the workshop served as a framework for gathering the water management community around the area of shared research interest ‘OneWater.’

one water approach flow chart

This initiative is led by Dr. Steven Liss, Vice President of Research and Innovation and a pre-eminent researcher with Urban Water TMU.