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Urban Water TMU at the National Water and Wastewater Conference 2023

November 13, 2023

On Nov 12-15th, Urban Water co-lead a session entitled “Ontario’s Water Nexus: Bridging Academia, Enterprise, and Municipalities” at the Canadian Water and Wastewater Conference in Niagara Falls.

The session featured presentations and panel discussions with speakers from private enterprises, academia, and municipalities to elucidate the best practices, challenges, and successes of working together, the preconceptions that each group has of the other, and pathways for successful partnerships.

Huge thanks to Rahim Kanji for his exceptional planning of the session, and Angela Murphy, Rania Hamza, and Elsayed Elbeshbisy for their teamwork and presentations delivered.  

Urban Water TMU plays a leadership role in the Ontario Water Consortium’s Water Centres Committee. The Committee includes 8 universities: University of Western, Guelph, Laurier, Waterloo, University of Toronto, University of Windsor, and Lambton College, and Urban Water TMU is the Chair. 

Rania Hamza presenting on the role of Urban Water TMU.