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Research Facility

Urban Water TMU has dedicated space in the Centre for Urban Innovation at 44 Gerrard Street East. 



The Urban Water TMU Offices are located on the second floor of the Centre for Urban Innovation. This office space is home to UW staff and researchers, and serves as a touchdown space for doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows carrying out data analysis, research, and writing activities.



The Urban Water TMU Analytical Lab is on the first floor of the Centre for Urban Innovation. This lab hosts a high-resolution mass spectrometer (HRMS), a laser direct infrared (LDIR) spectrometer, and a liquid water isotope analyser (LWIA). The lab is dedicated primarily to investigating freshwater issues, such as salinization due to road salting, plastic-associated contaminants in natural and human-impacted waters, nutrient pollution in agricultural areas, and climate change impacts on Indigenous lands and waters. The attached office serves as a touchdown space for graduate students working on urban water research projects.  



The Urban Water TMU Experimental Lab is a collaborative space in the basement of the Centre for Urban Innovation. This lab is designed for large and wet research projects. The lab serves as a collaborative space that brings together diverse disciplines working on urban water research. The space currently hosts a toilet and residential drainline for testing flushables, a flume for testing dispersion and blockage in municipal sanitary sewers, a hydroponic green wall and air quality testing chamber, 8 wetland cells and grow lamps, and a culture holding room with freshwater invertebrates.