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The Participants' Voices project has brought the voices of Family Resource Program (FRP) participants to the evaluation table. The project goal was to create an evaluation tool based on what users say is valuable about their programs, and to make the tool available to FRPs across Canada.

From September 2002, until Spring 2004 we talked to a diverse sample of over 200 parents, caregivers, and grandparents attending FRPs across the country. The FRP Participants' Voices project has worked closely with a local Steering Committee and a National Advisory Panel, including representatives from MAFRP, OAFRP, FRP Canada, parents, and practitioners from the different regions across Canada. This consultation has ensured that both the project's activities and the evaluation tool reflect the principles of family support, and are relevant to FRPs across Canada. Please feel free to download and use all available resources.

Family Resource Program Participants's Voices Project

 (PDF file) A Place to Go

Stories from Participants of Family Resource Programs (English)

 (PDF file) Un milieu de vie  

Temoignages des participants aux Programmes de Ressources pour la Famille (Français)

 (PDF file) What Participants Value

Practices and Outcomes at Family Resource Programs (English)

 (PDF file) Les éléments prisés par les participants

Les practiques et les resultants des Programmes de Ressources pour la Famille (Français)