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TMU Eats Partnerships to Support Food Security

TMU Eats (Food Services) is dedicated to helping fight student food insecurity at TMU. In fall 2023, TMU Eats entered into a partnership with the Office of the President to collaborate on a set of initiatives throughout the 2023-2024 academic year to bring food security options to the TMU community.

Friendly Fiver

Friendly Fiver

The Friendly Fiver is a staple at the Hub Café, providing nutritious meals at a low cost. For 2023-2024, the Office of the President has contributed financially to ensure this affordable menu item remains $4.99, despite rising food costs.

Free Soup Day

The delicious soup offerings at the Hub Café are well-known to the TMU community, with a rotating menu of made-in-house recipes available every day. The Office of the President has partnered with TMU Eats to offer a free soup day once per month. So, have a souper day and get your free cup of soup on January 18, March 14 and April 11, 2024.

Connecting through Food

Connecting through Food is an initiative that focuses on student food insecurity and helps raise awareness among students about challenges facing some of their peers. It also gives them an opportunity to help out and give back, through activities like Spin to Give Back, where students spin a wheel and have a nutritious food item donated on their behalf to The Good Food Centre (external link) , TMU’s food bank.

In 2022, 142 non-perishable food items and over $600 were donated to the food bank. In 2023, the Office of the President donated $1,252 in addition to the TMU Eats donation from the participating Connecting Through Food activities.