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7-Day Mandatory Meal Plan

The 7-day meal plan has two components:

All you care to eat at the Pitman and ILC Dining Halls

Meal plan dollars go towards unlimited access to eat as much or little as you like at Pitman Dining Hall or the ILC Dining Hall.

Your OneCard grants you access to the Pitman and ILC Dining Halls, every day of the week. Just swipe, select your food and enjoy your meal!

Plus $450 in flex dollars to spend at participating food retails on campus

You also get $450 to spend at campus eateries or participating food retailers including Balzac's (external link) , Oakham Café, Ram in the Rye, Basil Box and Ted's Kitchen seven days a week.

Purchases are deducted from your flex dollar account in a declining balance.


The 7-day meal plan gives you unlimited access to meals at the Pitman Dining Hall and ILC Dining Hall, any day of the week.  

Our daily rotating menus are full of customizable options that are just as diverse as our TMU community. Plus, meals that work for food allergies and dietary restrictions, including an exclusively vegan station and a made without allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, eggs, dairy, shellfish, made without gluten) station.

7-day meal plan 2023/2024 prices

All you care to eat, 7 days a week for $27.13 per day

The 7 day plan costs $6,606, which works out to be $27.13 per day for meals at the Pitman and ILC Dining Halls every day of the week. Plus, you have $450 in flex dollars to spend at participating retailers.

Text based graphic describing the cost breakdown of the 7 day meal plan.

7-day meal plan infographic

You pay $5,550

Get unlimited access to Pitman & ILC Dining Halls 7 days a week. Plus $450 in flex dollars to spend at participating retailers

How it works

The 7-day meal plan is valid from August 27, 2023 to April 27, 2024. Your meal plan expires at the end of the academic year.

Any unspent flex dollars at the end of the academic year can be carried over into the next academic year and spent at participating food retailers on campus.

Payment installments

Charges for your meal plan will be posted to your MyServiceHub account in four equal installments throughout the year on June 29, 2023; October 18, 2023; January 19, 2024; and February 29, 2024.

All flex dollars are loaded in August. A $35 administration fee and a $40 sustainability and health and safety initiatives fee is included in your first installment payment.

Need more flex dollars?

If you have run out of flex dollars and would like to add more money onto your OneCard to spend at participating retailers, please contact the OneCard office.